How Bodytalk Can Help You

Do you know that your body is talking to you all the time?

It could be in the form of pain, headache, nausea, depression or feeling that life could be better…

What do we do?

Usually we ignore the symptom, take a pill, or will deal with it next week/month… while we try to get on with our busy lives.

Does this sound familiar?

It is often only when we get really stressed, feel ill and our body is almost shouting at us that we take notice.


Our innate wisdom – the deep knowing of what our bodymind needs – can heal perfectly, automatically, of its own accord. It’s the part of you responsible for making your heart beat and your cells replicate and it continues without you even thinking about it – the way it does all the time, quite naturally while you are sleeping.

BUT things happen and cause stress, whether physical, mental or emotional that interferes with this natural healing process. The problem is that people are not taught how to deal with traumatic events, so the body literally stores the negative thoughts and feelings.

Many people come to BodyTalk with physical challenges such as digestive issues, pain, migraine and allergies. They may have trouble sleeping or have depression or are feeling lethargic.

Others come with emotional issues like debilitating rage or heightened sensitivity to criticism, or they have low self-esteem. Some come because they fear public speaking or have problems with procrastination, stress or anxiety. Still others have challenges with smoking, drinking or drugs. Many come because they feel they cannot resolve the grief or loss in their life. And others come along simply because they feel there’s something missing – that there must be more to life.

Many people know they are capable of achieving great things, and yet something holds them back – and they self sabotage which stops them from achieving the kind of abundance and success they just know they are capable of.

Our Innate Wisdom is always trying to help and knows what the underlying priorities are for us as individuals.

The priority could be an emotional charge from the memory of a physical or mental trauma that is stuck in the body and needs to be released.

Unfortunately although western medicine is amazing, it tends to respond to our symptoms and doesn’t deal with the underlying cause of our troubles. If we take a pill to deal with indigestion for example, the symptoms will probably subside for some time but may emerge somewhere else in the body months or years later. Also the side effects of the medication can set off a whole lot of other symptoms which confuse the issue.

Western medicine doesn’t deal with the subtleties of us as individuals. We are all different and need to be heard.

BodyTalk is consciousness based energy medicine.

People’s symptoms are like the tip of an iceberg that are about 10% of the whole mass. All the real causative factors are in the 90% hidden depths.

The key to lasting results is to address all the underlying factors.

As long as the client’s Innate Wisdom is left out of the treatment equation, more often than not, symptoms will recur.

Currently medication or treatment designed to alleviate symptoms is like using a bandage to hide a festering wound.

BodyTalk works in a different way.

In a BodyTalk session the client lies on a couch or sits on a chair fully clothed and comfortable.

The practitioner uses biofeedback communication to ask the client’s body what disturbances have affected their energy and health.

The practitioner is directed to establishing the links necessary for correcting the breakdown in communication in the body. In this way BodyTalk can facilitate the resolution of the deeper underlying causes that have given rise to the surface symptom.

The practitioner will explain what is being done so that the client has knowledge of what is happening. Engaging and informing the client allows them to be a part of their own healing process.

My passion is for helping people to develop their full potential. Everyone deserves that.

If you would like to understand what your body is trying to tell you, contact Carole de Lacy for a free 15 minute phone consultation.

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