Distance Sessions

How Does Distance Healing Work?

Distance healing, also known as ‘remote healing’ forms a large part of my work. The same questions tend to come up before working with someone new, particularly if they are not familiar with energy medicine. The following answers to those questions will be useful if you are considering distance sessions.

What is Distance Healing?

Distance healing is an appointment that happens while the client and practitioner are in different physical locations at the time of the session. They might be just a few miles apart, or it could be that the practitioner and client are in different countries anywhere in the world when the session happens.

How does Distance Healing Actually Work?

Distance Healing works according to the principle that we are all connected, as we are all energy matter and part of a larger whole. We all have access to this life force energy, otherwise known as our Chi, Qi or prana, as it flows through each and every living being. When I work with someone, whether they are in the room with me or anywhere else in the world, I use this principle to link to the energy field of the recipient. Clients I work with report feelings of relaxation, happiness, empowerment, ease and relief from pain.

Why Do People Choose Distance Healing?

People choose Distance Healing for a variety of reasons. Often it is because they live too far away to be able to attend an in person session. Other times it can be due to illness or simply due to busy lives and practical constraints.

How does Carole Do A Distance Session?

I offer distance sessions in one of three different ways, depending which suits you best:

  1. Via Video using either Skype, Zoom, FaceTime or WhatsApp – your choice.
  2. Over the phone.
  3. I do the session while you get on with your day as normal. In this instance, I email my audio report of the session to you after I have done it.

Is an ‘In Person’ Appointment More Effective Than A Distance Session?

There is no difference in the results, whether someone is in the same room as me or on the other side of the world.

My distance clients will have the same amount of breakthroughs as those whom I work with in person.

Do I Have To Believe In Energy Medicine For It To Work?

No. Energy Medicine works really well on young children and animals.

Have a look at Testimonials from Distance Sessions below to read about a rescue dog who had a distance session from Carole for anxiety issues.

Can Distance Healing Work For Physical Issues Too?

Yes, definitely.

An example is a testimonial (see below) from a lady Carole had never met who had suffered a painful shoulder for 15 years.

Please refer to Distance Testimonials

Do I Need To Have Met You For Distance Healing To Work?

I ask clients to complete an Online Form before the agreed appointment date, so I have the information I need to focus on them for their session.

How Do I Book A Session?

Click here to email me to arrange a convenient time and agree which of the three methods (mentioned above) you would like. I will also send you an online form for you to complete in preparation for your session.


For 15 years I suffered from a painful shoulder that needed massage treatment at least every two weeks, sometimes weekly.  After one face to face session with another BodyTalk practitioner while on holiday which made me feel a lot better, I contacted Carole because she offered distance sessions over Skype.  I have had 3 sessions over 6 weeks and in that time I only had one massage.  As I told Carole –       I have not felt so well in 15 years!  

Maggie, Milton Keynes, UK

I started seeing Carole de Lacy in October 2017 and I was able to have two sessions face-to-face initially, but I live in the USA and so we continued working together over the internet. Whether I am with Carole in the same room or 4,000 miles away, the results continue to be very good and are very noticeable.

After every session there is a shift with what we have worked on. I feel the shift; I see the shift; the shift happens. It shows itself in the different ways I interact with people afterwards. How I feel afterwards. How I think afterwards. At the next session, when we talk about what’s changed, sometimes it’s only then I realise just how much has changed and how much has cleared, because talking about the same thing from the last session doesn’t bring up the same feelings or emotions.

One session in particular I remember: a friend of mine was very dependent on me and I was finding it difficult to pull away. She contacted me a lot and wanted a lot of my time and energy. Carole and I worked on releasing her dependency of me and I noticed the shift that very same day – my friend didn’t email me, didn’t call me and didn’t need me. The healing had worked. What really surprised me was that over the next few weeks I realised I was also dependent on my friend and missed her ‘needing’ me. I told Carole about this during our next session and we worked on me releasing my dependency and that also worked beautifully. My friend has no idea that I worked on healing this for myself, but now we have a much more balanced friendship and enjoy each other’s company without being needy.

In March 2019 I was in crisis and I needed help fast; I emailed Carole and she emailed me back saying she couldn’t speak to me as she was fully booked, but she could do a remote healing. I’d not had this before, but was very happy she could help me. She did the remote healing on me and then she sent me a recording of what she had done during the session. Carole doesn’t record the session itself, but in the recording she recapped what she had worked on (the recording was about 7 minutes) and when I played it and heard her voice I received the healing. I was amazed at how well it worked; almost immediately it calmed and cleared me. Sometimes the changes are working throughout the weeks to come, but this time the shift, the clearing happened very quickly. The word that kept coming to mind was ‘profound’. I wasn’t sure how it would work beforehand, but it was very profound.

Our next remote session was in May 2019. Carole and I spoke over the internet for about 10 minutes and then Carole continued the session remotely. We then spoke at the end of the session for a few minutes and Carole sent me the recording, recapping what she had done. When I listened to the recording I received the healing. Again, I was amazed at how well it had worked and really liked the remote healing. I think I prefer this way when I am in the States I’ll work with Carole remotely in future.

In conclusion, Carole de Lacy is a wonderful healer and I am blessed she is working with me. Different issues and blocks come up each time and, without fail, after every session I feel the shift – I feel that something has cleared and changed for the better. Sometimes I can feel it straight away, other times I can see the changes over the following days and weeks. I find Carole’s work profound and immensely helpful and would recommend her to anyone.

K.O., Katy, Texas, USA

I have been having distance BodyTalk sessions with Carole for some while and I’m always impressed by how accurate Carole is in identifying the areas of my body that seem to be calling out for attention. The sessions are interesting and enjoyable and I’m sure that my health has benefitted greatly from Carole’s intuitive guidance.

R.N., Birmingham, UK

Lymphatic Drainage technique (VMLD) for infected cellulitis

Day 1   Hi Carole, I’ve only just listened to your distance healing recording of what you did,  thank you so much. The weirdest thing has happened today, I left my dad’s at about 10.30am, came home and went to Banstead, I didn’t say anything to J and R but since leaving my dad’s my left breast seemed like it was in a battle, it’s the only way I can describe it to you, it was like the stabbing pains you get with radiation treatment usually after it finishes, but this was worse more painful and on/off for most of the day, it was like something inside was fighting against another force, I’ve never had those pains for over a year.  Also when I got home from my dad’s I said to R do you think the redness is going from the top and he was surprised at how much it had gone down from a burning bright red which looked like severe sunburn to a dull reddish  colour. I can even see the swelling is beginning to go.  Carole, thank you, I’m certain that what you did this morning has helped tremendously, why would I get all those pains if something was going on, I’m sure it’s trying to fight you xx

Day 2   Good morning Carole, I’m feeling much better even the dull redness colour is beginning to fade now, the worse part of the infection is just where the cancer was but it’s not a burning red colour just a dull red, so things are definitely improving, I’ve been doing all the things you suggested, tapping, drinking loads of water etc.  Thank you Carole I really don’t know what I’d do without you 🥰xx

A.T., Sutton

My dog Lola had trust issues, was afraid and very insecure. I told Carole about the situation and she suggested a BodyTalk session. Even during this session I noticed a significant difference in Lola – she became a lot calmer. In the next days she became happier and more self-confident. The session with Carole took away some of Lola’s fears and she started trusting again. I would recommend BodyTalk Energy Healing to anyone.

T. Johnston, Munich, Germany