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Treatment Session Information During This Difficult Time

You can have sessions while you are at home – Distance sessions.

I am so grateful that I have worked via Distance for many years with clients all around the world. I am continuing to help people during this difficult time and have some  powerful testimonials.    

How is your Health, Happiness and Wellbeing?

The chances are, since you are here, that you wish they were better.

In our busy, modern world, many people are becoming more and more stressed and this can lead to problems with work, relationships and ultimately your health and wellbeing.

The good news is that it is quite possible to move on and help yourself naturally. This applies on every level – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

How Can I Help You?

Whether you are suffering from physical pain, an emotional upset or an ongoing condition, I will help you to understand your body and improve your quality of life, health and happiness.

Try BodyTalk to help you to:

  • Reduce stress and be able to cope
  • Feel lighter and clearer
  • Release the emotional energy of your past
  • Break free from limitations
  • Feel energised
  • Create harmonious relationships
  • Be clearer with decision making

You can find out more about Carole de Lacy here

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Let your body talk to you. Just call 0798 4061711 or email me to find out more and start making positive changes to your life with BodyTalk, Pranic Healing, Dolphin and Whale Energy Healing or Reiki.

Make the call, make the change.