Welcome to BodyTalk Healthcare

My name is Carole de Lacy and I help people with a wide range of stress related health issues.

Carole can be contacted at BodyTalk Healthcare

Telephone: 020 8661 2238

Mobile: 0798 406 1711

In our busy, modern world, many people are becoming more and more stressed.  This can lead to problems with our work, relationships and ultimately our health and wellbeing.

The BodyTalk System is the natural solution to any stressful situation you may be facing.  It addresses the underlying causes of health concerns in a natural and holistic way.

I work with the BodyTalk System to help you to:

  • Become less stressed
  • Heal on all levels
  • Release the emotional energy of your past
  • Find joy and passion for life
  • Create harmonious relationships
  • Break free from limitations
  • Feel energised
  • Be clearer with decision making


You can find out more about Carole here