for Stress


Life can be stressful – sometimes it feels like we are in a hamster wheel and can’t get off.  This leads to worry and anxiety which can take us into a downward spiral that can manifest in many ways – sleep problems, panic attacks and depression.

BodyTalk works to deal with the stress and anxiety that can arise from a combination of complex physical, emotional and environmental issues.  Sometimes the body goes into a stress reaction, based on an outside stimulus, which happened in the past, but is still being felt by the person in the present.  In a treatment session, we help the mind to look at and deal with a memory without the body going into an anxious, fearful, sad, stressful state over it.

StressCarole teaches her clients the Cortices Technique for relaxing and to improve mental clarity.  It only takes a minute to do, and can be done many times during the day to reduce overall stress.

After a treatment, clients often report that as their anxiety clears, they feel calmer and lighter -like a weight has been lifted.

It is a liberating experience and can be life changing.